Smell the Roses

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Some People are so poor all they have is money.

One day you will wake up and all materialistic items won’t matter anymore then what?

Enjoy life’s riches today not tomorrow.



Wild Child


Yesss I drew that, it’s entitled  “My trippy self-portrait”
I am about to be olddd and yet I walk around with this uncontentful feeling if that’s even a word. I went to school for environmental and now my degree is nothing but a piece of paper to me.

I’m a tainted maverick with my whole world in front of me. There is this feeling in my gut yelling don’t conform to the norm…it’s so sad. So many people do things to build a comfortable life but if this is the only life you have why not enjoy it?

I’m a conscious dreamer with a pocketful of hope. It just means I dream but I also realize that there is something else going on around me called life.

 To someone who has everything, does living life right according to society truly make you happy?

I’d rather live life broke and happy than rich and sad…money can’t buy me happiness it only buys security and comfortability. My balance comes with being able to pay my bills and spending all my spare time and spare change on my hearts desire.

life Onmaxx

Tired being constrained and bound

Dear followers,

I am too modest so fuck it all. I hardly blog because I don’t like rules,  I want to appear perfect and organized but sharing my soul and pointless thoughts is apparently not the way to get followers so fuck it.

my blog is no longer for you all, it’s all about me, about my life. Do you wanna follow life onmaxx?

Join me on my musical journey. I’m what you call an artistic maverick with no filter. I love sex, music and drugs (something someone takes to induce insensibility).

I am blogging my thoughts can you keep a secret?





Opening an LLC

People are stingy and jealous…I am to but when it comes to knowledge not so much.

I like to see people win. I met a friend in the past who I was going into business with and when I asked him to allow me to see and learn the process of creating an LLC he refused stating that this is what he paid thousands of dollars for at school pursuing the music industry…. needless to say we no longer do business together.

Today I want to start to get into the process of why you should create an LLC if you are funding your own music career.

Did you know that within the first three years of opening an LLC the government does not expect you to make profit and you will get back almost all the money YOU put into your business.

So your business is music what exactly can you claim tax on?


Studio time




Hotel fees

Basically anything you spend money on, if you keep your receipt you can file for it. Crazy rightt…who knew that all the money you spent could come right back to you…

Be on the lookout tomorrow I will start to get in the step by step process on how to start your LLC.

Hardest Thing

I am in a relationship I should have left a long time ago but like many other women I am still here.

What is it about giving up do we have such a hard time with…

Is it :

  • Loneliness
  • Financial stability
  • The fact that some bitches foreign & trump will deport your ass
  • The dick, but the world too big for that shit.

Lord alone knows, but when is enough enough… I can’t take my own advice because I am mentally stuck but for anyone in a new relationship who wants out run mother fucker run….

I sound like a complete narcissist but I’m not. I am pissed off at minute things my guy does and this is great place to vent as the mother fucker won’t read lmfao…but on a serious note, if you are in a relationship and you want out run for your life because the world is too big to waste it with on a mediocre relationship…

With that being said every couple has problems, no one is perfect but that doesn’t mean let a mf use and abuse you… it just means you aren’t the same no one is and to live together that takes some form of compromise.

Compromising your actions that it not your morals.

Copyright Basics 

You do not need to register your work with any copyright office to get rights, nor do you need to mail yourself a copy or submit songs into (ASCAP/BMI).All you have to do is write down or record an original work and the copyright is yours.

So why bother registering your work?

The answer is simple if you do not register your work your rights with respect to your work is limited.

Good News you have up to 5 years from date of production to claim ownership.

BUTTT if the work is registered after you try to claim a lawsuit you get ZITTTT, zero, nada! Those are just the US copyright laws…

Copyright provides protection for the original work of authorship, fixed in a tangible medium of expression.

Fixed in a tangible medium of expression means the material has been stored in a form which could be perceived either directly or with the aid of a device.

 Mere ideas cannot be fixed in a tangible form of expression and therefore does not have copyright protection.

 The owner of the copyrighted material has exclusive rights to control:

  1. Reproduction
  2. Distribution
  3. Performances
  4. Display of the work
  5. Performance derivatives

Copyright protection attaches as soon as the work is fixed in a tangible medium.

Whether or not the copyright is registered, the author should begin using the copyright symbol immediately. This is simply to inform others that he/she intends to exercise control over

  1. Production
  2. Distribution
  3. Display
  4. Performance of Work

Notice is not currently required for the copyright law but it does prevent a person from claiming a defense of innocent infringement.



Keeping It Real 

There are plenty of fish in the sea… Sexier ones, kinder ones and even richer ones. Money ain’t love but you sure do need it to live so let’s face it, it’s about security so why would you rather stay with a tuna fish than a shark… drop that fuck boy and get you a man ladies. Someone who uplifts you as much you uplift them. Someone who cares for you as much as you care for them and someone who definitely respects you enough not to put you in compromising situations… ladies with Jits it’s about time to grow up!

Maktub (Poem)

You were my once upon a time

love story.

A memory of youth or should I say my time

of immaturity.

You were my first love,

the one who broke my heart,

the one who I’d have given it all for.

Those were the good old days, Late nights

Long talks, Souls entwined.

But if only I knew

What I know now,

Never would I have confused

Lust for love,

Riches for worth,

Time for value.

Never would I have cared, never

Would I have fallen

For you.

List of Open Mics Atl (Where & When)


Hiii… Now that we know how to use open mics, the big question is when and where. Below I have provided a list of open mics musicians may be intersted in attending. The list provided is not limited to a specifc genre of music but for now i am just working with Hip-Hop. All open mics cost. If you are looking for free entry, just quit. In this industy money really talks.

Aside from the list provided, if you are on top of your social networking and you are connecting with managers, A&R’s, radio stations & hosts you will find out about many more open mics. Oppertunity is everywhere!

Apache Cafe

Royal Peacock

The Warehouse

Kat’s Cafe

Club Curcial

The Basebase



Open Mics in Atlanta, GA (Part 2)

You’ve signed up for an open mic and now you’re there. What’s next?
Learn how to work a room. Most people you see/meet at one open mic you will most likely see again at another.

Lose all shyness and learn to embody yourself. Appearance is a hell of a thing and in the music industry, people do judge a book by its cover so be sure to be on your best at all times.

If possible try to bring merchandise to advertise yourself. Be creative, people receive cd’s left, right and center so try something new for instance (matches stamped with your personalized logo). As you work your way around the room make sure to exchange info and be sure to leave a lasting impression.

At this point, I hope you attend open mics knowing it’s a place to get your stage performance down pack. A crowd will be as hype as the artist themselves; so come prepared to move. Please don’t stand in one spot on stage. Allow viewers to see and feel your energy. Connect with the judges and crowd, but most importantly never doubt yourself because everyone will be able to read you.

An open mic is the place to mess up and learn. Take constructive criticism if any is given and know that stage presence is as important as the song you choose to perform as well.

Open mics are also a good place for collecting performance footage. If you move with a crew, bring your crew out. The support makes the hype around your song seem much bigger than it already is because you can have people sing along. But if you are like many other artist out here trying to build a fan base then this is the perfect oppertunity to collect good b-roll footage to share with fans. Most open mics have a camera man, be sure to speak to him before your performance exchange info and ensure to request a video as well as pics of you performing. After all it is his job and you did pay to perform didn’t you…

To me attending an open mic gives you practice and experience for a real show. There may be times you attend a open mic and now one is there. It is still your job as an artist to perform and show out.

To be an artist is to be an entertainer… you better entertain your crowd even if it is one person.. People respect the hustle, people respect the grind.

Be on the lookout, I am going to start posting info concerning the business aspect of music. Like, Share and Subscribe.

Much Love (Maxx)

Open Mics in Atlanta GA (Part 1)

I spent the whole of 2016 in Atlanta, Ga (Black Hollywood). This gave me the oppertunity to network an learn a lot about the music industry. I was lucky because I got the oppertunity to learn not only about the business aspect of music but also the social apsect of putting myself out there.

Atlanta Ga, is an artistic hub for anyone who is talented. The city is booming with life and it’s an amazing place to meet like-minded talented people. There is always something to do, and if done right you’ll never have a dull moment.

Open mic sessions are endless, parties are everywhere, and the support recieved from those who repect the hustle are priceless. Don’t get me wrong it’s the place the be but it’s also easy to get caught up in a cycle if you aren’t careful enough.

I did a lot of open mics when i lived in ATL and I have to say they are all riged unless gospel rapping is the new trap. Advice to those who are tying to get exposure. Signing up for an open mic is one thing but it would be wise to ask the host for a breakdown of the scoring system in advance. This way you can ensure you choose the right song to perform. It is also important to be able to read your crowd. Never attend an open mic with only one song unless you are 100% sure that song is the hit and that’s the only song you are trying to get exposure for. Choose a song you believe will move the crowd and you can only do that after you read your crowd. Soooo come prepared with opinions and be versatile. Have your music ready on a CD, Flash drive and email. Each DJ is different and not everyone may accept the same format.

Be on the lookout, tomorrow i will post a blog  concerning details to pay attention to when attending an open mic

Much Love (Maxx)

1st Post For The New Year

Happy New Year Followers…. it’s finally 2017 and I hope we were all able to put to rest all the bullshit in 2016. It’s a NEW YEAR and that simply means bigger and better… I am not really into new year resolutions because to me everyday is a new start. Howeverrrr I am into planning and this year I have a lot I hope to accomplish. I have 356 days left an I am hoping to  include you all every step of the way….

For starters I’m Maxx for all those who don’t already know me. Make sure to follow me on IG/FB/SC/Twitter/Youtube: Onmaxx. I’m a musician and this year I hope to expand on branding. I’m a very artistic person an have decided to take my talents to the next level.

My main projects this year includes: Social Media, Music, Art & blogging. I hope I can help spread my knowledge to those who may have similiar aims or those who are simply curious.

Don’t be a stranger, don’t forget to share and most importantly don’t forget to let me know if I can help you guys in any other way.

I may have been ghost in 2016 but I am back and even better than ever 🙂

Much Love (Maxx)


Where is the JUSTICE in America?

District Judge John McKeon has to be on drugs. There is no other acceptable answer for why he would sentence a man who admitted to raping his 12 year old daughter 60 days in prison when the state’s minimum is 25 years.
Americans you all need to realize that the law works for you. They are here to protect and serve. There shouldn’t be any reason a person appointed in such a high powered position in the law system do any less.

District Judge John McKeon sentenced the father to 60 days in jail with a 30-year suspended sentence on Oct. 4 after he pleaded guilty to incest charges. McKeon also gave the father a credit of 17 days served, meaning he will only have to serve 43 days in jail at some point over the next six months.
Court records show that the victim’s mother walked in on her 40-year-old husband raping their child. 

The mother later wrote letters to Judge McKeon, begging him to consider a light sentence for her husband so that he could remain in the lives of his two sons.
Apparently Judge McKeon found the man to be of good character because he has no felonies, a steady job and is well involved in his community. I guess the judge just forgot about the crime…I hope if I kill someone because i have never been in the system i will only get for the most 6 months too… This judge is wrong and we all know this.

In a 2 months period, how is it right for a rapist to be out and under the same roof with his 12 yr old daughter? The same child he molested. Screw a relationship with his two sons, this man s a criminal.

At this point aside from the Judge being outright wrong, the real question everyone has been ignoring is “Is this mother worthy to raise her children.” Parents are supposed to be a child’s protector. Do you think this little girl will view mommy as a protector or even feel protected by the very parent who is trying to bring back the very person who hurt her. 

Please go sign the petition to get this judge out of power.. he is unworthy of  public service position.

And to all parents, your children must come first. Certain actions should make you very aware of the type of role model you and your spouse currently play versus what you would like to play. Just because you are blood related does not mean you have the right to play the role you believe you deserve. Actions speak louder than words.

Put Your Love To The Test


I am totally not a sappy person but this morning the radio station I was listening to had me hooked. The host was a guy an he stated that ” Women have no one but themselves to blame for accepting the treatment they are given  in a relationship because they allow it.”

The funny thing is the more this guy spoke an elaborated on the topic, the more I agreeded with his statements.

Plain and simple: when a man ill-treats a woman and she stays, not only is she accepting ill-treatment but she is also letting him know it’s okay…No matter how much a woman could stay and keep verbally expressing her issues women need to understand:

  1. He knew what he was doing.
  2. He did it. Don’t blame social media, women or apps.
  3. He knows you will stay just like you did in the past.

Most women fear leaving a man when ill-treated. Why is it so hard for some to put love to the test? When a woman walks away, it’s no longer a he said she said situation… the man knows then his lady is serious and for many it’s only then that they understand that something has to really change.  That’s the only time they sense, see, and respect a frustrated fed-up woman.

Sooo ladies don’t be coming on my blog blaming me for your failed relationships or how I made you lose your man I did not say leave him… my word of advice is respect yourself. Relationships are 50/50 so don’t try to bare the load of a 70/30. The world is big enough for you to find someone who cares just as much for you as you for them. If you give more than you get then the real question should be: Who Got You?

Please like, share and comment… I want to know how others may feel about this issue even if you have or haven’t personally experienced it.






Cheating Unforgivable or Understandable?

break up

In today’s society where everything seems replaceable and short lived, what’s your take on cheating?

A few days ago, I was having a conversation with a close friend about different aspects of romantic and platonic relationships. We got into the subtopic of cheating verses emotional cheating when I was shockingly surprised by her sudden statement. She said,”love and sex are two different things and sex is forgivable”. When asked to elaborate more on her position she stated that if her husband cheated on her just for a trill it’s a complete difference to being cheated on because he cares for another and for that she might forgive him… 😐

I ain’t the only one who’s tripping right…

I’ve always thought that if someone cheats on you they really don’t love you.

Yess yess everyone makes mistakes but lets just dissect cheating for a minute.

Once a person goes beyond the point of communicating their issues to his or her significant other or better yet leaves the relationship and decides that cheating is a/the solution.. it’s no longer a mistake but a choice.

Emotional cheating is no better than any other type of cheating . Cheating is cheating and no one kind of cheating is more or less forgivable than the other because cheating can unleash devastating consequences on a couple and is often the ultimate deal breaker.

When your partner cheats and you find out, you don’t have the option of forgive and forget. you can forgive your partner but can you really forget he or she choose to lay with another over and over again…. Not me Son…

The healing process won’t and can’t happen overnight, being cheated on leads to a sea filled of hurt feelings, paralyzing guilt, and resentment.

I guess some people can’t help but have their cake and eat it to.

With that being said if you like this post please share and comment!

Is cheating unforgivable or understandable?

Also is emotional cheating okay?

Food For Thought

change, motivation, and pink imageNo matter the problem, we all need change sometimes.

Change is not a sudden thing either, it’s rather a timely process of give and take .

The first step to change is:


with this being said, I feel as though a lot of people neglect self enrichment/ self preservation skills. Taking time to care for oneself is as important as a healthy well balanced diet.

Stress kills,

Don’t become its victim.

Take care of yourself,

Mentally own yourself.

Timeouts Aren’t Only for Kids


Sometimes we need to take a personal break. There is no point stressing yourself out or acting like a sour puss because your attitude will only act as a human repellent. No one wants to florish with continuous negativity.

Three steps to save your picture perfect personality so no one knows you’re a beast at heart is as follows:

1. Count to 10.
2. If you can’t change it don’t stress it.
3. Be optimistic

I Want It All

I’m a greedy bitch i want my cake and I wanna eat it too.

I hate having to choose one or the other. I want it all…Does this make me successful or greedy? is too short to be controlled by society.

The funny thing is many people don’t realise happiness comes from embracing yourself.

Followers will never be truely happy.


Rabbit Rabbit Bring Good Luck To Me This Month


Happy May 1st followers…It’s a new month and I have a cool supersition to share.

In Trinidad & Tobago where i’m originally from,  many people believe on the 1st of every month WHEN you wake up but BEFORE you speak to anyone if you look out of the window and repeat the phrase “Rabbit Rabbit Bring Good Luck To Me This Month” your month will be blessed with prosperity….

Weird Right?

I’m not sure if i totally believe it or not but with only 12 times a yr to try it and all the hope for my good luck….I actually wake up and say it Thats ONLY if i remembered not to speak to anyone.

If I didn’t you best believe i’m gonna be wishing my life away through that window.


I can’t be the only one who follows and believes in supersitions. What do you think about supersitions?

Share your supersition.. weird or not we are all curious to hear.

Supersition doesn’t only affect the superstitious…

BIOTIN (Hair, Skin, Nails)


Ladies YESSSS you need this..
Are you into healthy skin, hair and nails with an increased metabolism?

If so then you need to go pick yourself up a bottle of biotin..It’s an amazing dietary supplement. For the first time in a long time my nails are long and sturdy, my hair is growing faster and my skin couldn’t be clearer.

A little bit of facts about BIOTIN..

Biotin is a water soluble B vitamin… this basically means if your body has enough it would be automatically flushed out of your system, but if your body do happen to need it, it’s up for grabs.

I originally started on the 1000 mcg and increased slowly because I was unsure of how my body would react.

What i did realise was it’s very important to drink water with this. I guess this shouldn’t be a big deal for anyone since we all want to live long and have banging bodies and the #1 step to that is drinking H2O…

Anyone else used this product and loved it ?

Thought For The Day


How do you think?

The Vinegar Tasters painting is the most popular painting related to taoism.

The Vinegar Tasters is the name of this  well-known painting. It depicts Buddha, Lao Tzu (the author of the Tao Te Ching), and K’ung Fu-tse the master of Confucianism. The picture is a representation of three beliefs. In the picture we see all three men gathered  around a vat of vinegar, the vinegar represents the essence of life.

K’ung Fu-tse wears a sour expression. To him, the present was out of step with the past and he did everything he could to exercise reverence for the past, for the ancestors, for the ancient ways. Under Confucianism, there were elaborate and very particular rituals used at particular times for particular things.

Buddha wears a bitter expression. It is the Buddhist way of thinking that life is bitter, filled with earthly attachments that lead to suffering. Buddhists, while just as calm and tranquil as a Taoist, feel that they need to transcend this world. Buddhism has changed over time but the devout Buddhist still sees transcending to Nirvana as their purpose.

Lao Tzu is smiling, the only one enjoying the vinegar. Although vinegar can be sour and bitter, Lao Tzu respected that this was how vinegar is supposed to taste, and he didn’t criticize the vinegar for being what it was supposed to be. This was it’s purpose and the vinegar he was tasting was doing an excellent job at being vinegar. The Taoist practice of respecting everything’s own nature and purpose, is also how the Taoist views the essence of life. Taoist are not blind to the fact that life can be bitter, they simply respect that’s how life is and accept it. They also know that inorder to enjoy your own life acceptance is the way. Wu Wei.

This painting truly shows that accepting how everything is can help make you a much more positive person.

The Tao Of Pooh


If you haven’t read this book you should definitely get straight to it…

The Tao of pooh teaches you how to stay happy and calm under all circumstances.

In a nutshell without giving away the story for readers who are interested in reading this book themselves this book basically teaches you about taoism in the following order.

TAO- The way (is how one lives)

WU WEI- Not going against nature (what is is)

TZU JUN- Things happen

BELIEVE- Stop initiating or competing  things will work out

TZ’U- Show compassion

THE GREAT NOTHING- The power of a clear mind is beyond description.

For those of you all who have read it share you thoughts…what did you all think of the chapter “The Now Of Pooh”
last chapter.

Food For Thought…


Adulthood some call it while others simply call it life.

Either way one thing is guaranteed, things in life do not come easy.

I wish I had it all to but whilst I wait on prince charming and his royal duckets

I keep my eyes on the prize & just grind till it’s mine.

Are you a quitter?
I know i’m not.

The Honest Truth


Sometimes people don’t always have a choice. What’s a choice with no option.

People simply do what they gatta do.

You’ll never know the true struggle someone is going through so be considerate for a change..Judgement is not always necessary.



Friday is finally here and I hope everyone has started their countdown to a turnup.

If you haven’t it’s Friday for heaven sake, why not hang up the suits and all the wannabe have to do shit acts and simply have some real fun. What makes you happy?


Let loose & experience for god sake live.

Mental Wellness

Sometimes you need alone time and sometimes you need to be surrounded by people and just live.

Happiness starts with self love and only you can love yourself. When you look into the mirror what you see and what you want to see is the same thing. The only separation is drive. Drive to make life changing decisions…


Because life is all about decisions not choices.

Don’t be a circumstance when you make all the decisions.