My New Years Starts Everyday


Time and time again I hear people talk about New Years resolutions and the new starts they hope to make a reality year after year.

let’s face it, our New Years revolution is something we always hope to live by but never fully accomplish and that’s okay.

The whole point of a New Years revolution is to inspire or should I say to aspire oneself. Whatever the goal may be, it is always for our personal betterment so … let’s pause and think for a minute. just because you didn’t accomplish your New Years revolution are you any less of a person? does it mean your incapable of accomplishing whAt you want? Nooooo it doesn’t

sooo what one thing is not mastered. To be a master at anything it takes practice and it will come in due timing just don’t believe you need a new year to try again..

the only time you ever truely fail at something is when you stop trying.

Keep it pushing shorty…


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