MEN…can’t live with them but can’t live without them…

let’s take a minute an give respect to all the men who do shit right in the world. Now for the rest of you guys, lord alone knows when you all will fall in line… but until then good luck 💯

ladies…For generations the equality between a man and woman in a relationship has never been equal and I am unsure if it ever will be.

No matter how much I wish this wasn’t true, it is a fact and at some point in our life we as women have played a hand in allowing ourselves to be victimized. But with that being said when do we say enough is enough?

When is it ever the right time for a woman to grow a pair of balls and get 50/50 in any situation?

To me that time is now…Yes yes we have tainted our gender due to the beahaviour of past women, ourselves and present women… but so what. Yes us females condone in slut shaming but nonetheless fear being called that themselves.

A friend once stated to me “men are like children you even have to train them to tell the truth.” when it comes to how men view and treat women same rules apply.

You would never see a man shame slutting a man. That’s because men have never started pointing each other out on their dirt but women on the other hand, we have done this over and over again. It’s such a regular thing that it didn’t take long before society as a whole acknowledged the statement no longer as a statement but rather a derogatory figure of speech used by both men and women to simply antagonize women. Ladies we allow it and therefore all we can do is reap the benefits.

I’m in my early 20’s and I am well up-to-date when it comes social media and documentaries. It has been a personal parent of mines for years. One thing I have learnt and will always hold on to is the idea that all dreams started out as ideas. With this being said, I try to look at life from a broad perspective.

To me anything is possible, the way one is viewed and the way one is treated stems from what you believe in starting with yourself.

Society has done a great job painting a world I can live in but I would much rather paint my own world and so should you.



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