To All Undiscovered Musicians

I have to admit, as an unsigned artist, it is quiet hard to get an overwhelming flow of new followers, listeners and even fans.

But all hope isn’t lost…These days musicians have quiet a bit of options readily available to help market and promote their music if done right.

First thing first, every musican needs a presskit. A press kit is an electronic business card which can be shared to any and everyone who is interested in knowing about the artist. A press kit effectively showcases a musicians strengths and marketability.

The basic info that is typically seen within a Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

Music clips (with accompanying lyrics)
High resolution press photos
Tour dates
Promotional videos
Website or website links
Press reviews and interviews, etc.
“RIYL” or “Recommended If You Like” list: a listing of artists of similar styles or genres
High resolution photos or images of the band logo, products, etc.

All of this information gathered in one place makes it much easier for an investor like a label company to decide wheather or not you are a great fit and investment for them.

For a song, you have 30 seconds to capture a listener’s attention. Just imagine how much more interest will arise when a label cimpany or an indidvidual is given your EPK and it doesn’t only look professional but also includes statistical information showing the traffic your page recieves. All of this gives you an upperhand in a business situation because you actually have something to offer to the investor.

Aside from EPK’s join the GRID. IT IS FREE PEOPLE. The grid can be any social network. Every person who views your page or even listens to your music might like it, might share it or even suscribe you but none of that is pssible if you are not on the grid.

The key to getting noticed is quiet simple networking.. some of us are great at it while others cringe at the thought of meeting and working with new people. No matter what you have not made it yet and it would be awful to know you burnt a bridge that could have been beneficial to your sucess. Therefore, my advice is simple. Work with every and anyone you could. Networking provides you with opportunities you can’t yet provide yourself.

A lot of times musicians get comfortable and sucked in the routine life that they forgot their dream in the first place. Make it a priority, if you have made no progress in your career after a year try something new.. try moving if you can. A LOT OF PEOPLE RESENT MOVING unless they can move comfortably. But think back when does anything come easy…

To make it


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