Fight Satistics…Fuck Society

Many people live their lifes following others, listening to many say over and over what and all they can’t an wouldn’t be. But when trapped in the trap, you’re really mentally trapped in a trap because for all those aspiring for more they have a major system to beat.

For all the people trying to beat the system they are trying to become all society and statistics state they couldn’t be.

I think people fail to realize society was made by society and the only way to change it is to want change and roll with it…

I don’t have to do anything i don’t want to and neither do you. Life is ran by society and the rules in society are made by the rich.. or should i say the privileged… the only negative effect of not following society is the possibility of all eyes on you, but so what…

Fuck Society its a social judging session by the world…you oppose people stear, you follow like robot no one even notices you.

Learn to empower yourself and forgot about the rest. No ones know your story, live your story, suffer when suffering so why care about what people say because they alwayd have something to say…

It’s okay to be different…so different I am



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