Relationships…too little too much?

Men always state females want things their way… being a female, I can’t deny that but if we went into detail about what exactly we would want our way all it is is relationship goals.

All women love to feel wanted and loved.. kissed, hugged, and even growpped like a stripper sometimes…


Women aren’t difficult well some are, but the ones who are sainer than most don’t create augments for the fun of it. If it ain’t serious we can shrug it off but you got us fucked up if you think we will sit and watch some bullshit happen while being your muse like it’s the 60’s all over again….

So after a while the arguing can take a toll on a couple and many times each of them begin to wonder if the realtionship is worth it at all.

All relationships have its ups ands down. As a couple it is important to still remember that you two are both different people which means there is a possibility to not agree…the only important thing to do is find a common ground or a common ground of understanding.

Being mad in the moment is all fine, but being the bigger person in an argument just means that the argument will end and the sooner you two will be happy….what is even funnier, is most times the two people in a relationship just can’t wait util the realtionship is all normal again… soo why does it take so much to make the first move to recovery… AN EGO.

lately arguments ruin my day so i have decided to try something new… whenever angry at my guy, i shower him with more love.

I also make sure to take time for myself. It is very easy to get caught up in the argument and stress. Knowing your self worth and ability to make yourself happy is important…. every person started off like that before building a life with their person.

The more you are yourself the happier you will be…

Not too little, not too much lost because you are you…remember that.


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