The real underdogs in this game of life

Well isn’t that crazy, today I learnt something new… I learnt that bad credit can affect the job you get. Well holy shit lets back up a little and take a good look at how the American system is ran.

Society is ran by the elite, and the elite are selected by the people including the poor. Yet the elite in power are now making it impossible for the poor or should I say us less fortunate to ever have a change of ever becoming fortunate?…

A new deciding factor for accepting employees in a workplace environment is in full play. Now some jobs run a background check on employees not to see if they are safe but rather to find out how much of a risk factor you can become to the company if hired.

Let’s play devil’s advocate for a minute. Let’s say I am 18 years old born and raised in the slums. I am the proud daughter of two loving parents. They both do all that  they can to support me, but their best has now become insufficient. I got accepted to a state school, and even though I applied for need based financial aid, I barely received any. I am now left with a $10,000 bill for each semester… no job and no trust fund to exploit what are my choices?

a)      Rob and Steal  to get money= jail

b)      Take out loan to pay for school get a job and  take out credit card to make ends meet=no job due to bad credit

c)       Take out a loan to pay for school and steal to make ends meet= bad credit and jail

d)      Go to community college and get a job  to make ends meet= college and a job

Some people are even worse off than the situation described above and while  not many young adults are in a  position to pay for college themselves they still want to attend…  is that wrong?

I could understand that attending a community college may be a better option to lower the cost of higher education but it is a fact that a community college cannot offer the same experience as a university would and let’s face the facts employers hire the best so of course they will choose a B average student who went to Duke verses hiring an all A student from a community college. Why should only children of well off and elite families be allowed better experiences than others?

Why should money play a factor in my hierarchy placement? Why should money make me ?

In the long run only the poor losses. I guess you do need money to make money…. But is that ethical?



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