Self Check-up…Attitude 4 days

In this world it’s not about what you say, it’s more about how you say what you gatta say.

Everyone can call to memory at least one person whose every word comes off as annoying, push over, or even dictator like.

Noooo one likes change. It has been proven that people need to be nurtured into change unless that change is a personal choice.

Soooo I don’t get what makes some people feel as though a stern dictorship tone or even an argumentative tone could be the missing factor to bringing about change…

Point to remember.. if you wouldn’t like yourself no one else will…

Give what you expect. Everyone does not have to agree with your every decision but they will respect it. They will respect: your approach, your effort trying to explain why change may be necessary and the mutal respect they recieve if they happen to not agree with your point of view.

The moment someone senses false pretenses in any form way or fashion it is only natural to receed.

Point to remember.. if you wouldn’t like yourself no one else will…

Let’s try something new the mission for the day is as follows.

We’re going 3yr old style when it comes to friendliness and openmindness.

That means don’t judge kids talk to kids no matter how different.

As far as OPENmindedness kids are so open to working together and observing new things that they waste absolutely no time unlike us silly adults who waste time worrying about everyday troubles.

The whole point of the exercise is not to teach you to treat people nice but rather a quick easy way to help enjoy life and make it enjoyable for anyone that comes across your vibrant personality.
Thinking = decisions

How can you be thinking of all possibilities if you havent even explored outside of your own comfort zone.

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