On the edge..Everyone is a me too

Sometimes we as individuals lose ourselves in the everyday hustles of life.
We indulge so much in any activity destined to achieve HAPPINESS that we lose sight and worth of the simple things which once may have meant the world to us.

YESSS people change, yes you will stumble acrosss some who may have an entirely different outlook on life, different goals, a whole different game plan in comparison to yours. Instead of taking the time to understand an individual most people’s mission is to make the individual accept them even if it means creating a new “THEM”.

Identities are so versatile in today’s day and age that it seems absolutely abnormal, not to stumble upon what i call an adaptable visioner.

To me an adaptable visioner is a dreamer who dreams in the moment and is willing to do and say anything to gain a “friend”. Yes the whole world walks around doing this but if today your passion is music and tomorrow your passion switches to fashion design only because u met someone who loves fashion design. Then my major question to you is what is it that you truly love?

Socializing and not burning bridges is one thing but adapting to fit in is an entirely different story. The world is filled of followers and the sad thing is that some people won’t ever realise that being different doesn’t make you an outcast.

            Embrace different be you


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