Blind to the world…The CIA


The more i read into the functions of the CIA the more intrigue i become. An entire devision whose main job is to collect, analyse, evaluate and desseminate foreign intelligence to assist the pesident as well as senior advisors with their policy making decisions in relation to national security.

For a minute let’s pretend that i won’t be judged for sharing info found on the World Wide Web. I would like to analysis this governmental division from the surface point of view using only info provided on the CIA website along with info shared from people who claimed to be working with or interconnected with the CIA.

Let me start by saying the public does not know the truth and will never know the truth.. why is that? Plain and simple anything which can cause the public to panic is hidden from the public because it’s harder to deal with a problem when everyone is running around like a headless chicken… choas is what they prevent why would they fuel it.

Year after year new contoversial issues surrounding the operations of the CIA are brought to the public’s light. The only comments addressed to the public is the same all the time. CIA usually admits nothing yet denys everything.

The CIA’s budget is unknown but according to US world and news on
Feb 2nd 2015:

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence disclosed Monday the administration’s aggregate non-military intelligence spending request is $53.9 billion, up from $50.4 billion for fiscal year 2015. It’s unclear why the request is higher than the last fiscal year, or which agencies would benefit from the increase.

In 2015…. 598.5 billion dollars was the military’s budget. That accounts for 54% of the 1.11 trillion dollar budget. According to all I have read, CIA disclosed spending an additional $53.9 billion on non military intelligence. A rather large sum of tax payers money is invested into operations we know nothing about and never will know about.

Every year without a choice the public tax dollars are used to keep this agency running. No doubt this is an important governmental sector which helps in keeping the public safe but really does it require that much money.

At least if you are going to take that much money and you can’t explain how it will be used please at least supply an outline of how this money won’t  be used: to over pay agents to complete jobs, to transport criminals out of US to then be interogated and finally not pocketed because apparently fuctions are so secretive to this agency how does anyone know if anything is missing.

The following are just some ways the CIA uses our money

1. Since when is getting rich off the government been a thing. CIA agents have been known to quit their job only to be rehired on a contract to avoid federal limitations placed on the pay they recieve.
2. Over 300 million was invested in the interrogation process developed. It is stated the only 2 men who made the program recieved 80 million. That’s a lot of money spent on tourtouring people their beds must be made of gold to inflict pain to their spines.
3. The CIA has not been audited since the 1960’s

I don’t even want to pointout more things because it’s clear money isn’t going where it should.

What’s even worst is the CIA has been involved with many unsloved murders, missing poeople and controversies claiming to protect the public but ended in the death of many people some whom were viewed as an idol to the public.

I am starting to think that the government may not like natural leaders but only the ones they make..

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