Sex sex and more sex (Part 1: General)


Let’s get right down to business…

Who doesn’t love sex…unless your’re asexual and in that case good luck to you in life, you either enjoy some good dick or you love vagina…. just keeping it real.

It’s only natural that people judge your life if it’s displayed like a mirage to the whole world, but in this day and age social media is everywhere if you aren’t spreading your own business we got the know it alls who don’t forget to inform us of all they do know.

To be honest i am starting to feel like the celebrity lifestyle isn’t  just that anymore…. as i see it, be known and your’re a celebrity…. meaning twerk that ass, snap that selfie or tell the world your business and wheather good or bad u will have a crowd of followers…

The only thing that’s mind boggling is how equality only exist once you do certain things. Anything aside from the norm, will be frowned upon.

I can’t lie, some women do put themselves in the position to be slut shamed, I just always wonder how can they expect someone to watch a self posted degrading video or photo of them and then be surprise by hating comments.

What i don’t  like:

  • I am tired of the double standards held by both men and women.
  • I am tired of the he said and she said.
  • I am tired of the hypocrist themselves.

There are certain stigmatisms attached with a women who shows her sexuality. No matter how much females hope to be treated with the same respect as a male, i don’t see that possible or i have not seen the possibilities throughout society because as a female we are still denied certain jobs, we are judged by who we sleep with and worst yet we are even judged for embracing sexuality.

To Me equality for women could slightly be compared to racism…why?…it feels like fighting a silent war people keep stating don’t exist in today’s day and age even though the signs are right infront of you.

look out for my next post all about sexuality part 2 to sex sex and more sex.

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