People lack identity nowadays.

Who are you?
What do you stand for?

So caught up in the secondary life of social media some neglect to live the everday reality of life.

With the new generation it’s a whole new ball game. People don’t experience what they want. Drowning with cellphones and social media to do’s and not to do list has caused people to lose absolutely all control of life.

All these me too(s) walking around… snapping classic me too selfies thinking that somehow makes them any better or should i say any “different” than the other 3 million + followers in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD.

This is a new era. A new era where the world’s population can choose do i think for myself or do I let what’s popular automatically be my go to alley of how the fuck you run your life.

What’s so sad is social media is not a true depiction of what’s in. What’s in is what is made in… you could have the exact same outfit yet absolutely no swag and guess what…. you won’t be an outkast you’re just gonna blend in with all the other me too(s) and never be noticed.

We are in a new era where the American dream or should i say any dream is achievable. Social media is a pocket full of free publicity that only recognises “different”.

Take good note of all that’s around you and just be you…else be better than who your’re trying to copy else your are just viewed as another me too and the world has too many of those so all we will continue to do is search for that “different”

Be Unique!

This is a new era where social media is at it’s prime when it comes to  getting a reaction from the public.

Learn to market and try to capatalize yourself. You are a brand and you control how the public view’s your brand.

One way or the other point is don’t get caught up in the cycle of the me too

Go out and get that money if you gonna spend majority of your time observing social media trying to act like that star you wish you were.

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