Sex sex and more sex (Part 2:Sexuality)


Welcome back readers. Before I jump
Straight into rambling about sexuality, i gatta make sure you know what sexuality exactly is…

Sexuality is about the sexual feelings and attractions we feel towards other people, not about who we have sex with. Understanding your sexuality is very important because there are different types of sexualities and the only way to know your sexuality is to explore….

I hate people who judge others for exploring or dabbling with different and same sex individuals….why?…

1. Who cares what you think.

2. People are exploring their sexuality not yours.

3 . You are so quick to judge yet you do the same shit in your bedroom… hypocrites

Sex is a regular natural part of life. What’s not normal is monogamy. Humans weren’t built to be monogamous, that’s a personal choice but just because you make it a personal choice and society isn’t too accepting of a women sleeping with many men doesn’t mean it’s wrong..why?.. Men do it all day and the only thing they get is a slap on the hand…why?… i guess equality is so new, we as women are still trying to get our 50% share…

Well i’ll be damned but correct me if i am wrong when i say…. there is no perfect person… but one thing i do know is…

Sex is important and a damn needed nessecity to anyone who has any type of sexual desire….

So whether you admit it or not…if you got a man or a women.. you are a damn freaky individual in the sheets unless u only do missionary….but… not everyone is as fortunate as you to have one person who wants to be monogamous and explore his/her sexual what does that mean…the person should just pretend they have no sexual desire…who does that?… doesn’t exist….exactly…

A man will get him some pussy
A woman will get her some dick

Plain and simple…

Sexual desire is all about the sexual appeal of a person. There is no set equation for who sleeps with who…. we are past the medieval times… sexual desire and appeal is everywhere and i can understand why people are more open to exploring new and different things.

Next point do you think women are born bi-sexuals? That’s something a women explores so for all the none dear devils that are square and happy being square.. continue to be square and happy but please don’t critisize a woman that isn’t as square as you. She just has a different preference. She is not a serial killer.

Your pussy is not on the line… and if you are looking for control….keep preaching to your kids and yourself…

Whether public or private what turns you on is a personal choice but just know if you ain’t keeping shit private don’t expect no judgement…why

The world doesn’t work like that boo boo..

The world forever judges…i just don’t want to be judged because of the gender i choose to sleep with.

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