Nightmares (my life)


It’s 7:11am on a Sunday and I’m up watching the rest of the world sleep.

I had a reality awakening nightmare. I truely believe i dreamt about everything in my life i feared….lost love, failure, loneliness…you name it, I dreamt it.

They say nightmares depict your deapest fears. I view nightmares as a best-friend because I wake up with a reality check so real I literally straighten up in under 0.2 seconds.

To me nightmares is a sign of failure… not life failure, just failure for that particular situation you’re dreaming of…

You don’t get to choose what you dream, but you kinda do…how?…
You have to subconsciously be thinking of your problem for your mind to wonder back to it while asleep.

To me i view nightmares as the future unless i change the present…. i see where i am headed and the end results of it all..

Dreams mean something different to everyone but nonetheless dreams are: successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that all occur usually involuntarily in the mind while asleep.

Some people try to use dream dictionaries in order to interpret the meanings of their dreams. Many believe that by understanding their dreams, they will perhaps gain a clearer view on their personal relationships, as dream are the uncensored version of real feelings. People believe this can give them a retrospective view of their life.

The only thing that’s mind boggling to me is how at times you can forget your dreams. No one knows why…shit it beats me because some times my dreams are so foreign to me i don’t even bother taking it on… Like really would i ever be a dwarf… okay i might be short but what the hell should i fear getting shorter?…I do know one thing for sure though. Some of the things i dreamt i wish i forgot.

I see a dream as a freestyle, you won’t Remember shit when awake but let that dream become sentimental in any way, you will wake up a changed person or an enraged person lol… my bf woke up one morning so angry at me beacuse…i apparently cheated in his dream… This nigga was so angry at me he woke me out of MY sleep… the audacity of him lol but i get it… dreams mean something different to each and every person and it affects each person differently… Dreams all a personal thing because depending on the type of person you are, your dreams could mean something completely different…for instance optamistic dreamers verses pessimistic dreamers… what are you?

The only time i ever think or analyse a dream is one to do with my beahavior..

Everything you do in life is 99% attitude 1% ability…

People like happy people so self checks are needed when my dreams deam it necessary.

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