Icebreaker… get to know me


Call me Maxx. I was originally born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago. At the young age of 16, my mother died and my whole world collapsed.  Lost, empty and confused on the day of her funeral I applied for an all expenses paid scholarship to a boarding school in New Mexico USA. I guess luck was on my side because two months later I was moving my entire life half way across the world in two suitcases.

There, I slowly began to re-find myself with the help of genuine people I now consider life friends. I eventually learnt how to use art as a stress reliever and over time my emptiness disspeared. No longer did I not feel the music, i was becoming a person once again. Due to so much love around me from good vibed people my entire life actually became my life again except i was a new person. I was stronger, kinder and honestly I felt my heart and I knew it was there, I was there.

My luck didn’t end there because i actually recieved a full schlorship to a university in NC. It wasn’t Duke nor Chapel Hill but there was no one to blame but myself because i know i was not as assertive my last semester as I needed to be… nonetheless I accepted my losses and after being home for the summer I once again moved my life in two suitcases to my new concrete plain white wall room. Yeah yeah I make it sound terrible but my school didn’t have pictures online really and the only ones they did have online were the nice ones which I couldn’t live in until I was at least a jounior.

Homesick as I was alone, I tried to fit in but I guess I was a lot more mature than everyone else there since i was already living on my own two years prior. I still made friends but never genuine was definitely easier for me because my accent was there and I guess people used me as their show an tell… hopping from group to group I quickly exited when I spotted slutiness, stupidity and any unloyaliness…come on how can you blame me you sleep with over 3 guys in under 4 months and you telling this new guy you love him and the sad part is you look like you mean it…hell no. Plus I ain’t no follower and no I ain’t jumping if you say jump…luckily, I met my main bitch who I guess was left hand till recently. I view support as a friendship. You don’t have to like what I am doing, but I don’t expect you to ignore it because you’re ignoring my life.

College was amazing for me. I met the guy of my life in freshmen year. Believe it or not we were each other’s ride or die…even though I hate that expression. It truely is the best term I can use to explain our love for each other. Funny thing is we are still together. He is sleeping right next to me as I write this post :)… it wasn’t hard for us to stay together… but I would also not say we never had our differences… just our differences never resulted in disrespecting each other in any form way or fashion because at the end of day we really only had each other.

I don’t know how many people’s college experience was, but mine was lit with drugs… get me right, I never said I did drugs….that would be stupid. I SAID my college experience was lit with drugs. I hate to reference segregation but because my school was private and had a no policy drug rule. Everyone choose their drug differently..Due to our school being a number one PGA..all the white people aside from the oreos stuck to hard drugs.. why? They can easily get it out of their system in 48 hrs unlike Mary J which the rest took to. What’s extra crazy is I can understand a school not wanting kids indulging with drugs but if ever accused of a drug viloation the only way out was to take a hair follicle drug test..which we all know doesn’t only go back to 3 months. Slightly I hated my school for that as they preyed on people..The classes were excellent because the teachers just taught but everything else about that school made it almost impossible to realise how good the teaching was.

Imagine staff memebers who aren’t teachers walking around ill talking students… it was a big joke… but it was free for me while others paid out of pocket so who was I really complain…
I graduated on time with a BS in Environmental Occupational Management, Paralegal Certification and an Associates in Clandestine Labs. I took advantage of FREE and I kept it pushing…

In my final semester first week of school, I was approached by the school claiming I was doing drugs..
Hear their reasoning. I was stopped by a guard driving 41 days prior. After 35 mins of unnecessary waiting I caught an attitude.. he jumped quick to now I smell marijuana in your car…without even being asked, I stepped out and said search he found nothing but reported it smelt like marijuana after i was waiting in the cold with my window down for 35 mins. I MEAN it’s not like it wasn’t winter or anything…guess what the school taught me well, I did my research and even though the dean past me to the deciding board made of 6 randomly choosen staff memebers ( to me they seemed like the best six judgmental people ever). I ate them up and sip them right out with attitude.

I was asked to appear for a meeting at 5pm…please tell me why they had a private meeting at 5pm to discuss my case while I sat outside when I walked in the room at 6pm I was not questioned I was drilled. I was alone but not alone, a few months away from paralegal certification I put my skills to FULL use. I supplied the 6 members of this make belief board a sheet of paper with facts… I was going to sue the school if i was anything other than left alone and believe me when I say it was hard for them not to drop the case. I’m not sure exactly what convinced them…it could have been the 41 days failure to due process, the partial recording the dean supplied the board while I had an original with 30+ mins or it might have been the simple case like mine showing a school paying $530,000.00 in damage to a student. The only difference with the boy’s case and mine was I was a girl…

I cleared my name the only sad thing is:

Imagine going to a school for the next 4 months with every campus police looking for your next wrong. Personally if I was not in class I was not on school property. I never parked on school property, I parked at the gas station and walked to class why… have no reason to talk to me.. search me.. or question me.

Every monday I will share something new… keep on the lookout. Hope you enjoyed my troubles 🙂

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