I was raised to hustle like a man


I was raised to hustle like a man because I was told to never depend on one. Yea yea sorry fellas it sounds harsh but I guess what I should have said was I was raised to hustle like a man to make sure I got mine. I do depend on my guy but before him, you could say I always stood noding mmhh hmmm but really I didn’t give two shits about anything a guy says. To me it was just all word play.

It surprises me that some girls in high school thought process is ummm “I don’t need an education, I’m gonna marry rich.” I’m not going to lie, i had to go to college and get my first job for a year before that line came out my mouth and I never ever said marry rich. I said,” I realize a housewife position sounded great after my constant 8 to 5.” It maybe just me, but I love the feeling knowing that I can help myself. I love having a back up plan called me..why?..I know I am dependable… a one man plan as in depending on yourself is important because to all ladies in high school if you hit your prime at a young age you are only going to decline after that if your plan is marry rich.

To me ladies we blossom the older we get. But go find the profile of the hot girl from high school you went to school with. She isn’t as fine anymore. The fact that some girls choose and know they will marry rich at the tender age of 15,16 is sad because the only thing you have to offer as vulgur as it sounds is pussy. Let’s just say you don’t catch that guy then what? it’s only clear, you’re going to have to throw pussy at the next potential guy. How many times do you think you can do that before your pussy game declines? Shit I don’t know but I am sure some girls can answer that question or more correct a guy can tell you.

Society maybe fucked up, but that doesn’t mean the way we raise ourselves and kids have to be anything less than 100%. Self worth is important, there are many more important things in the world than money even though money do make the world go round.

Get yours or learn to get yours. It’s a great feeling. Plus you do know you are kinda held hostage by your guy because if you bring nothing but yourself what makes you think a man cares about what you think and how his actions may make you feel?…you do realise he bought you and therefore could go buy another you right?

Ladies raise your daughters right, self respect is important. In addition, friends if you’re friends are like this talk to your friend in need at least you tried real friend.

But to all the females getting theirs..you go girl, I don’t blame you, who dependable?…only and only you.

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