The 48 laws of power


 If you have never heard of this book, wait no longer and find your hands on one of the greatest inspirational books ever. Written by Robert Greene, this book offers great insight to attaining power and control of your life.

Filled with many tails from past rulers. This book can be used to either attain power or take control of your life. Either way, it’s not a bad thing. People play games daily in life.

This book just helps you win. It allows you to realise when you are being manipulated and it definitely can help you learn the art of manipulation. Every law may not apply directly to you but once learnt if ever you stumbled across someone who is using the law you will be aware.. throught the next 48 days, I will be exploring each law. Please look out for more info. You may not be able to read the book but i can sure teach you the book without you doing the reading..or you can follow along.. your choice.

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