Law 1: Never outshine the master


Lesson overview:
• Present your ideas in a way that they echo your boss’s thoughts and actions.

• Act less smarter than your boss.

• Do not take your position at work or in.  life for granted.

• Always make sure to make it seem like you want to seek the superior’s expertise and advice. Discreet flattery is very powerful.

This Law involves two rules that you must realize. First, you can inadvertently outshine a master simply by being yourself. There are masters who are more insecure than others, monstrously insecure; you may naturally outshine them by your charm and grace. Secondly, never imagine that because the master loves you, you can do anything you want.

Life has not changed much since the medieval times. When it comes to power, outshining the master is perhaps the worst mistake of all. People still get jealous and to those who fear loss of power, your approach may appear as a threat.

However, this law can be used to your advantage if approached correctly.

Firstly, always flatter your master. Flattery can be effective but has its limits. Don’t over flatter at all, discreet flattery is much more powerful.

Secondly, masters prefer someone more of a prodigy. By appearing eger to learn from a master, you make him or her appear more intelligent which provides them with a false sense of power. A master perfers nothing more than appearing useful in the eyes of others.

With that being said, keep your eyes open and see how much of a difference this law may cause you when really put into use.

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