Me against the world


Honestly, the one thing I hate most in life is disappointment. I really do consider myself a well rounded individual that give respect to every and anyone but lately all I keep doing is losing it…

Earlier today, I was thinking about the statement “money won’t make you happy” and for the first time, I really understood that statement from a different light.

I would be rich by now if i could recieve a dollar for each time i was disappointed in the past. But best believe it only took one disappointment per person for me to learn never to depend on THAT particular person again. I really don’t do well with the whole forgive and forget thing. As much as I can forgive you. The only thing I know for sure is your’re two faced…how can I ignore reality… If actions didn’t mean so much… then you can say my actions towards you after an indicient should also not matter?

Point blank is…. I judge a persons character because they have full control of it… I really consider actions as a time to shine. It’s the one time a person shows their true selves.

Recently, I came to the point where family is the only people I trust. At times, I wonder when I do reach my peak in life. ALTHOUGH I will be able to pay all my bills on time and buy anything I want who will I surround myself with?

Genuine friends are the hardest to fine. It’s as though the 21st century’s main goal is all about what you can get out of any situation…

My fuck it spree is rather ruthless in the sense that I care less about how my words affect someone as long as I believe what I am saying is the truth.

I have always learnt it’s not what you say but rather how you say it…So with that being said, I put a big old smile on my face and I just act as myself.

Life is too short to be two faced I’m just being me…

All me……..All day hopefully happiness will find me.

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