Law 2: Never put too much trust in friends, learn how to use enimies.


The problem about working with friends is the fine line which many happen to get confused and lost along. Even though you are working with friends, there are certain boundaries and distances that working actually requires. Please ensure that both friends are aware of the dangers involved before actually agreeing to work with each other.

Be very wary of friends as they are more likely to betray you than an enemy. Enemies are more loyal than friends as they generally have much more to prove. If you have no enemies go make some. Enemies do nothing less than keep you on your toes.

 Men are more ready to repay and injury verses a benefit. Having friends around to share the harshness of the world with is touching. The world is a harse place and friends happen to soften it so easily, but unless you are willing to lose a friendship, business with a friend is a bad idea. Most times friends hide their true feelings from us. They do this because they do not want to hurt us, instead they spear us their opinion or it’s all done to avoid an argument. Since honestly rarely strengthens friendships, you may never know how your friend truly feels.

People want to feel like they earned all their good merits. Friends can easily fall into depression since they are hired with confidence as a friend not someone who can get the job done. Saddly, because of this the more gifts you supply a friend employed by you, the more the friendship will fade due to envy and deprivation of one’s character. The main problem with working with friends is the simple fact that you can’t act like a boss 100%..why?…you will appear authoritative.

If you do decide to work and trust in friends, never let your guard down. Always be on the lookout for emotional disturbances and signs of envy and gratitude. There is nothing stable in the realm of power. EVEN our closest friends can become our worst enemy.

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