There is only sooo much BS I could take before I switch off and I guess everyone is the same.

In life because nothing is fair and nothing comes easy, there will always be things popping up to annoy you.

Your reaction to these unexpected pop ups in life is the only choice you get…To be or not to be…good or bad?

The older I get the more I realise that the only person stressing, the only person mad and the only person losing due to my bad reaction is me.

With every reaction an attitude is attached and the truth is no one likes a sour puss. As much as you may believe your attitude is transparent, it really isn’t. It’s more like an STD just bad and unwanted and the worst part is it’s contagious.

Live and learn is the name of the game and forgive and forget is the only way to get that guaranteed win when things just isn’t going your way.

So try a me…. count to 10 and collect your thoughts, it only take a few words to make a good night spiral down the point of no return.

When something is done it can’t be undone so let go, evolve and choose the path many can’t…. Be the bigger person.

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