Dear 2016


Dear 2016,

While inhaling the good and exhaling the bad, I hope the best of 2015 is the worst of 2016 for us all. I’m not one to do a yearly recap but this has been a pinnacle year for me as I rode the biggest personal rollercoaster of life. From graduating, moving from state to state to living and understanding everyday life in the working class, I realise life is all but a pocket full of gold.

Life is simply all you make of it and the ups and downs keep us striving to accomplish bigger and better things. Three lessons I learnt in the past year which we can all apply to our lives no matter our age or position is as follows:

1.Attitude Matters. It always has and it always will.

2.When down and out don’t lose your hope. Be an oppertunist.

3.Talk without action is nothing more than a dream.

You would think that the integration into society out of college would be easier but it isn’t. No one nor any amount of speeches can prepare you for what is to come like that reality check you recieve when things don’t go your way…

The only thing you can do is remain optamistic and become an oppertunist because saddly you only reap what you sow in today’s day an age. I guess….not unless you happen to be that lucky sucker whose parents are so well off that they don’t feel the dent you put in their pockets from your constant “I Need Requests”…. but not all of us are that fortunate soooo… for those of us who aren’t, we make ends meet and even though each month becomes easier to manage than the past, that trill to life we first had when living in the real world disappears and going to class daily seem like a walk in the park in comparison to everything else we have to do.

For 2016, I have equipped myself with a survival kit which I hope makes life a walk in the park.

1. 48 laws of power… best inspiration book I have read yet. Equipped with wisdom we all know yet refuse to follow.

2. A Journal… unlike a regualar journal, I consider this a book, my stress reliever without the frustration. I have decided to depict all my frustration in the form of art..ranging from poetry to sketches to music

3. Meditation…. I guess you can say I am adopting some budist beliefs. A better me + A happier me = A new me.

My news years resoltuion is quite simple…. Gain & Maintain… what’s yours?

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