2016 Spring Fashion Survival Guide

Dear followers,

With this new year brings new fashion trends for this upcoming season. So lets get straight to it. Over and over i’ve noticed designers have flooded 2016 fashion week runways with trends ranging from spanish-influenced designs to nothing but net. This season designers are all saying supersize me and just when you think trends couldn’t get any stranger they do.

Some Spring Fashion Trends i’ve noticed includes:

1. Spanish-influenced designs.

From bold red hues to ruffle throw overs, again and again designers are incorporating hints of spanish culture into their collections.

2. Nothing but Net

Referred to as designer net, models are being caught wearing netted tops, skirts and even dresses.

3. 70’s Suede

If you thought fashion was done with the past you haven’t seen it all yet. The 70’s is still an inspirational love affair for designers and it’s taking over the runway. Alberta Ferretti and Rebecca Minkoff have all sent models down the runway in one of the most loved fabrics of the 70’s.


4. Victorian Everything

From puffy sleeves, high collar necklines to ruffles the victorian era is taking over this season.

5. Basic White Button Downs

The classic Oxford look has received a designer makeover and the basic white button down is one of the newest trends for this spring season.

6. Half Shaped Moon Bag

This new shaped pocket bag is about take over the fashion world by storm.

7. Lingerie

Sass things up as bedroom wear has become an acceptable piece to wear in the sun.

8. Lightweight Denim

Denim is nothing new. It still remains a trend for spring’s fashion.

9. Orange in a variety of shades

This vibrant color in all different shades is one of springs seasons favorite hues.

10. Plaid

Plaid has always had a place in fashion but this season large plaid has found its way onto the runway.

These are just some of 2016 Spring’s Fashion Trends. Keep an eye out as designers introduce new pieces for this season.


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