Freshed Dressed…


Hip-hop culture has a peculiar sense of boldness to it … It is like a bright light at the end of a tunnel and over time hip-hop culture came to have a great influence on the fashion industry itself. This was because hip-hop culture simply broke all the rules of conformity just like style did…

Style is all about flare, how it radiates off of you and without a doubt it is a prominent part of someone’s identity.

Just like hip-hop and urban hip-hop have fused and overtime become very inspirational. The fashion sense seen in artist trails back all the way to little Richard. He is an iconic symbol of freedom still remembered in today’s day and age.

With style comes customization…and it wasn’t long before it could be seen in our choice of clothing.

Customization of style was influenced by street gangs themselves. It all began with the movie of Easy Rider in the 70’s. From then on personalization of style was on a rampage and has never left.

Our choice in clothing represents us. It represents pride in itself, confidence, boldness and most of all where we are from and our status in today’s world.

Time and time again we see old fashion trends resurfacing. We see colors change, we see materials change but one thing to always keep in mind is ones ability to wear what he or she wants with pride, swag and confidence. Anyone can pull anything off once they believe.

Keep an eye out for upcoming spring trends.


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