It’s 3am in the morning and I can’t sleep….

The silence usually helps but right now I am pondering on my life and the many choices I’ve made. It seems like the older I get the more I question the things I do and the people I associate myself with.

So many friendships severed and short lived due to one moment of clarity. I’m not sure if to call it clarity or betrayal but it seems like in today’s generation loyalty to a person is rare.

More common are these wishy washy people who are literally only friends out of convenience. To them Friendship= Benefits.

I have a hard time trusting people nowadays. I know out of site out of mind but if you only call me when something is wrong in your life, we aren’t really friends..

I’m just some positive energy you need in your life at that moment. Many say I am wrong but to me friendship takes time and nurturing. You don’t build them overnight and you don’t get to choose, it’s an undeniable amount of compassion and respect reciprocated between two people.

There will always be those friendships where conversations pick up so smooth it’s undeniable

But with time an distance I always wonder its worth.

People change, situations change people, people outgrow people how could one be so foolish enough to trust an old friend when in reality this person knows nothing about you?

In today’s society where adaptation and survival is a second nature tool, I trust myself.

Friends come and go like the weather changes.


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