Respect should always be given.


So true… As a kid my parents made sure to instill great life values in me. No matter the age or the profession of an individual, I was taught to respect every human being.

But with this new generation, many people compare life’s worth to money because in today’s day and age, people value materials and this world is filled of material things we can’t seem to let loose of.

Everyone is human and the respect they recieve should not be guaranteed due to a job they hold in this life or even in the next.

In my eyes someone who works a job I won’t ever work gets so much more respect from me because they are making a living the honest way and that’s one thing not many of us could do.

This explains why the definition of labor will never be the same for any of us especially for those of us that actually do have a labour intensive job. To hardworkers life holds an entirely different meaning.

To them life is more about the people and the way you live your life in comparision to the amount of money you make.

Respect is not earned it’s given.

Respect is mutal it’s not oneway.

Respect depicts self value/self worth.

Why should a life be worth any less than yours?

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