You died on me.


Lost in consciousness,
I held you.
I held you breathless in my arms Clinging tightly to your soulless body
As if it were gold.

But Boy Oh Boy,
I lost it when forensics had to put you in that bodybag.
Couldn’t they have done it
when I wasn’t around?
But then again I never left the scene.

The entire time,
I was sitting on the curb
Watching investigators build up the courage to come tell me there were
no suspects or motives linked to your murder even though there were people everywhere.

But By then,
I had already past my breaking point.
I was unknowingly dead to this world. Emotionally incompetent at the least
And as I grabbed my tummy
to comfort our unborn child for his loss
I cried.

Maybe in due timing
Happy memories would replace the bad.
But for now,
I grieve.
I grieve your lost,
Your touch,
Your lingering scent,
I grieve for you.


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