29 days until spring: workout time


Only 29 days left until spring… This means it’s time to start working out in order to show that body off in this season’s favourite styles.

But this year we aren’t only concern about looks, the whole purpose of working out is to promote healthy living.

Healthy living is all about lifestyle choices.

Here are some simple changes anyone could follow to jump start a healthy lifestyle.

1. Drinking lots of water
2. Adding vegetables to meals
3. Taking stairs
4. Eating organic foods
5. Eat less oily foods
6. Drink juice instead of soda
7. Cook with olive oil
8. Take a 30 mins walk daily

For now I want readers to think of what they would like to accomplish as their personal fitness goal. I will posting daily fitness tips, workout exercises and meal plans to help achieving goals.

With only 29 days left until shorts are in season… We need to get a plan up and going…at least you’ll have me the entire step of the way.

Small steps to a better you.

Leave comments, if anyone needs advice have no fear your On Maxx: where everything is different.


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