Happy Monday: 28 days until Spring


With these 28 days left we shall make full use of it to work our body into tip top shape.

Aside from regular daily exercises, I believe the incorporation of yoga is a great way to start your day.

The whole purpose of yoga aims to connect the body, mind and the soul as one in order to maintain perfect balance with each other.

Yoga movements truly urges the body to relax, breathe and simply let go of all the heaviness in life. It is also known to increase flexibility while promoting overall health and growth.

In Yoga there has three main techniques.
1. Yoga exercises (Asanas)
2. Breathing techniques (Pranayama)
3. Meditation.

Health starts from within. What better way to start your day than with a few stretches.

A plus to even doing morning yoga is an increase in one’s metabolism.


Let’s not waste these last 28 days before Spring. Be on the lookout for more healthy lifestyle posts on my blog, I will be posting throughout the day.


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