Life is a crisis by itself.


Can I just please find stability in my life already. Growing up I always wanted to be in my 20’s, now that it’s here what the f***. It’s been the biggest disappointment, the adult world is no fun.

Ain’t no one mention all the crap like:

Credit cards
Student loans
No time
Repetitive life job (if you find a job)

All these Problems or more like worries…..I’m only 24 and God I think I’m over life.

All I want is stability, not even sustainability. Making ends meet when you’re just learning to play the life game is hard at first but with time and practice, things get better i’m guessing… They said it would so I’ll just have to wait and see.

Any advice for an inspiring adult?


3 thoughts on “Life is a crisis by itself.

  1. Sure yer only a babby for fuck sake. Loads more bills and loans ahead, not to mention the kids bleedin’ you dry for every ha’penny. My advice..Be happy and don’t worry about the little stuff, there’s enough of that when you’re an aul one like me…oh and if you hate your job, change it. Life is too short to take shit from a boss in a job you don’t even like…truth be told he hates it just as much as you and wishes he was you. Stability will come when the time is right, but for now, get out there and kick ass!!…you’re welcome 😉

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