BIOTIN (Hair, Skin, Nails)


Ladies YESSSS you need this..
Are you into healthy skin, hair and nails with an increased metabolism?

If so then you need to go pick yourself up a bottle of biotin..It’s an amazing dietary supplement. For the first time in a long time my nails are long and sturdy, my hair is growing faster and my skin couldn’t be clearer.

A little bit of facts about BIOTIN..

Biotin is a water soluble B vitamin… this basically means if your body has enough it would be automatically flushed out of your system, but if your body do happen to need it, it’s up for grabs.

I originally started on the 1000 mcg and increased slowly because I was unsure of how my body would react.

What i did realise was it’s very important to drink water with this. I guess this shouldn’t be a big deal for anyone since we all want to live long and have banging bodies and the #1 step to that is drinking H2O…

Anyone else used this product and loved it ?


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