Timeouts Aren’t Only for Kids


Sometimes we need to take a personal break. There is no point stressing yourself out or acting like a sour puss because your attitude will only act as a human repellent. No one wants to florish with continuous negativity.

Three steps to save your picture perfect personality so no one knows you’re a beast at heart is as follows:

1. Count to 10.
2. If you can’t change it don’t stress it.
3. Be optimistic


2 thoughts on “Timeouts Aren’t Only for Kids

  1. Reblogged this on Live Your Tao and commented:
    lol…This is so cute and so True 🙂 It’s so important to recognize and admit in the moment that you just feel a little cranky and need to be alone. It’s no big deal 🙂 The more you try and hide it, the more you lash out at others.
    A good habit is to admit verbally to others, “Hey, I’m just not feeling good. I’m a little cranky. I’m just going to go off and be by myself for a little bit.” -you’ll be surprised at how much better you feel by just admitting it aloud.
    Everyone feels cranky at times, no one is perfect. Give yourself permission to be human ❤ People will respect your honesty. And it's much better to be honest than being unintentionally mean ❤

    Thank You Maxx ❤ I Love Your Musings 🙂

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