Cheating Unforgivable or Understandable?

break up

In today’s society where everything seems replaceable and short lived, what’s your take on cheating?

A few days ago, I was having a conversation with a close friend about different aspects of romantic and platonic relationships. We got into the subtopic of cheating verses emotional cheating when I was shockingly surprised by her sudden statement. She said,”love and sex are two different things and sex is forgivable”. When asked to elaborate more on her position she stated that if her husband cheated on her just for a trill it’s a complete difference to being cheated on because he cares for another and for that she might forgive him… 😐

I ain’t the only one who’s tripping right…

I’ve always thought that if someone cheats on you they really don’t love you.

Yess yess everyone makes mistakes but lets just dissect cheating for a minute.

Once a person goes beyond the point of communicating their issues to his or her significant other or better yet leaves the relationship and decides that cheating is a/the solution.. it’s no longer a mistake but a choice.

Emotional cheating is no better than any other type of cheating . Cheating is cheating and no one kind of cheating is more or less forgivable than the other because cheating can unleash devastating consequences on a couple and is often the ultimate deal breaker.

When your partner cheats and you find out, you don’t have the option of forgive and forget. you can forgive your partner but can you really forget he or she choose to lay with another over and over again…. Not me Son…

The healing process won’t and can’t happen overnight, being cheated on leads to a sea filled of hurt feelings, paralyzing guilt, and resentment.

I guess some people can’t help but have their cake and eat it to.

With that being said if you like this post please share and comment!

Is cheating unforgivable or understandable?

Also is emotional cheating okay?


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