Put Your Love To The Test


I am totally not a sappy person but this morning the radio station I was listening to had me hooked. The host was a guy an he stated that ” Women have no one but themselves to blame for accepting the treatment they are given  in a relationship because they allow it.”

The funny thing is the more this guy spoke an elaborated on the topic, the more I agreeded with his statements.

Plain and simple: when a man ill-treats a woman and she stays, not only is she accepting ill-treatment but she is also letting him know it’s okay…No matter how much a woman could stay and keep verbally expressing her issues women need to understand:

  1. He knew what he was doing.
  2. He did it. Don’t blame social media, women or apps.
  3. He knows you will stay just like you did in the past.

Most women fear leaving a man when ill-treated. Why is it so hard for some to put love to the test? When a woman walks away, it’s no longer a he said she said situation… the man knows then his lady is serious and for many it’s only then that they understand that something has to really change.  That’s the only time they sense, see, and respect a frustrated fed-up woman.

Sooo ladies don’t be coming on my blog blaming me for your failed relationships or how I made you lose your man I did not say leave him… my word of advice is respect yourself. Relationships are 50/50 so don’t try to bare the load of a 70/30. The world is big enough for you to find someone who cares just as much for you as you for them. If you give more than you get then the real question should be: Who Got You?

Please like, share and comment… I want to know how others may feel about this issue even if you have or haven’t personally experienced it.







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