1st Post For The New Year

Happy New Year Followers…. it’s finally 2017 and I hope we were all able to put to rest all the bullshit in 2016. It’s a NEW YEAR and that simply means bigger and better… I am not really into new year resolutions because to me everyday is a new start. Howeverrrr I am into planning and this year I have a lot I hope to accomplish. I have 356 days left an I am hoping to  include you all every step of the way….

For starters I’m Maxx for all those who don’t already know me. Make sure to follow me on IG/FB/SC/Twitter/Youtube: Onmaxx. I’m a musician and this year I hope to expand on branding. I’m a very artistic person an have decided to take my talents to the next level.

My main projects this year includes: Social Media, Music, Art & blogging. I hope I can help spread my knowledge to those who may have similiar aims or those who are simply curious.

Don’t be a stranger, don’t forget to share and most importantly don’t forget to let me know if I can help you guys in any other way.

I may have been ghost in 2016 but I am back and even better than ever 🙂

Much Love (Maxx)



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