Open Mics in Atlanta, GA (Part 2)

You’ve signed up for an open mic and now you’re there. What’s next?
Learn how to work a room. Most people you see/meet at one open mic you will most likely see again at another.

Lose all shyness and learn to embody yourself. Appearance is a hell of a thing and in the music industry, people do judge a book by its cover so be sure to be on your best at all times.

If possible try to bring merchandise to advertise yourself. Be creative, people receive cd’s left, right and center so try something new for instance (matches stamped with your personalized logo). As you work your way around the room make sure to exchange info and be sure to leave a lasting impression.

At this point, I hope you attend open mics knowing it’s a place to get your stage performance down pack. A crowd will be as hype as the artist themselves; so come prepared to move. Please don’t stand in one spot on stage. Allow viewers to see and feel your energy. Connect with the judges and crowd, but most importantly never doubt yourself because everyone will be able to read you.

An open mic is the place to mess up and learn. Take constructive criticism if any is given and know that stage presence is as important as the song you choose to perform as well.

Open mics are also a good place for collecting performance footage. If you move with a crew, bring your crew out. The support makes the hype around your song seem much bigger than it already is because you can have people sing along. But if you are like many other artist out here trying to build a fan base then this is the perfect oppertunity to collect good b-roll footage to share with fans. Most open mics have a camera man, be sure to speak to him before your performance exchange info and ensure to request a video as well as pics of you performing. After all it is his job and you did pay to perform didn’t you…

To me attending an open mic gives you practice and experience for a real show. There may be times you attend a open mic and now one is there. It is still your job as an artist to perform and show out.

To be an artist is to be an entertainer… you better entertain your crowd even if it is one person.. People respect the hustle, people respect the grind.

Be on the lookout, I am going to start posting info concerning the business aspect of music. Like, Share and Subscribe.

Much Love (Maxx)


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