Open Mics in Atlanta GA (Part 1)

I spent the whole of 2016 in Atlanta, Ga (Black Hollywood). This gave me the oppertunity to network an learn a lot about the music industry. I was lucky because I got the oppertunity to learn not only about the business aspect of music but also the social apsect of putting myself out there.

Atlanta Ga, is an artistic hub for anyone who is talented. The city is booming with life and it’s an amazing place to meet like-minded talented people. There is always something to do, and if done right you’ll never have a dull moment.

Open mic sessions are endless, parties are everywhere, and the support recieved from those who repect the hustle are priceless. Don’t get me wrong it’s the place the be but it’s also easy to get caught up in a cycle if you aren’t careful enough.

I did a lot of open mics when i lived in ATL and I have to say they are all riged unless gospel rapping is the new trap. Advice to those who are tying to get exposure. Signing up for an open mic is one thing but it would be wise to ask the host for a breakdown of the scoring system in advance. This way you can ensure you choose the right song to perform. It is also important to be able to read your crowd. Never attend an open mic with only one song unless you are 100% sure that song is the hit and that’s the only song you are trying to get exposure for. Choose a song you believe will move the crowd and you can only do that after you read your crowd. Soooo come prepared with opinions and be versatile. Have your music ready on a CD, Flash drive and email. Each DJ is different and not everyone may accept the same format.

Be on the lookout, tomorrow i will post a blog  concerning details to pay attention to when attending an open mic

Much Love (Maxx)


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