Wild Child


Yesss I drew that, it’s entitled  “My trippy self-portrait”
I am about to be olddd and yet I walk around with this uncontentful feeling if that’s even a word. I went to school for environmental and now my degree is nothing but a piece of paper to me.

I’m a tainted maverick with my whole world in front of me. There is this feeling in my gut yelling don’t conform to the norm…it’s so sad. So many people do things to build a comfortable life but if this is the only life you have why not enjoy it?

I’m a conscious dreamer with a pocketful of hope. It just means I dream but I also realize that there is something else going on around me called life.

 To someone who has everything, does living life right according to society truly make you happy?

I’d rather live life broke and happy than rich and sad…money can’t buy me happiness it only buys security and comfortability. My balance comes with being able to pay my bills and spending all my spare time and spare change on my hearts desire.

life Onmaxx

Tired being constrained and bound

Dear followers,

I am too modest so fuck it all. I hardly blog because I don’t like rules,  I want to appear perfect and organized but sharing my soul and pointless thoughts is apparently not the way to get followers so fuck it.

my blog is no longer for you all, it’s all about me, about my life. Do you wanna follow life onmaxx?

Join me on my musical journey. I’m what you call an artistic maverick with no filter. I love sex, music and drugs (something someone takes to induce insensibility).

I am blogging my thoughts can you keep a secret?





Hardest Thing

I am in a relationship I should have left a long time ago but like many other women I am still here.

What is it about giving up do we have such a hard time with…

Is it :

  • Loneliness
  • Financial stability
  • The fact that some bitches foreign & trump will deport your ass
  • The dick, but the world too big for that shit.

Lord alone knows, but when is enough enough… I can’t take my own advice because I am mentally stuck but for anyone in a new relationship who wants out run mother fucker run….

I sound like a complete narcissist but I’m not. I am pissed off at minute things my guy does and this is great place to vent as the mother fucker won’t read lmfao…but on a serious note, if you are in a relationship and you want out run for your life because the world is too big to waste it with on a mediocre relationship…

With that being said every couple has problems, no one is perfect but that doesn’t mean let a mf use and abuse you… it just means you aren’t the same no one is and to live together that takes some form of compromise.

Compromising your actions that it not your morals.

Keeping It Real 

There are plenty of fish in the sea… Sexier ones, kinder ones and even richer ones. Money ain’t love but you sure do need it to live so let’s face it, it’s about security so why would you rather stay with a tuna fish than a shark… drop that fuck boy and get you a man ladies. Someone who uplifts you as much you uplift them. Someone who cares for you as much as you care for them and someone who definitely respects you enough not to put you in compromising situations… ladies with Jits it’s about time to grow up!

Where is the JUSTICE in America?

District Judge John McKeon has to be on drugs. There is no other acceptable answer for why he would sentence a man who admitted to raping his 12 year old daughter 60 days in prison when the state’s minimum is 25 years.
Americans you all need to realize that the law works for you. They are here to protect and serve. There shouldn’t be any reason a person appointed in such a high powered position in the law system do any less.

District Judge John McKeon sentenced the father to 60 days in jail with a 30-year suspended sentence on Oct. 4 after he pleaded guilty to incest charges. McKeon also gave the father a credit of 17 days served, meaning he will only have to serve 43 days in jail at some point over the next six months.
Court records show that the victim’s mother walked in on her 40-year-old husband raping their child. 

The mother later wrote letters to Judge McKeon, begging him to consider a light sentence for her husband so that he could remain in the lives of his two sons.
Apparently Judge McKeon found the man to be of good character because he has no felonies, a steady job and is well involved in his community. I guess the judge just forgot about the crime…I hope if I kill someone because i have never been in the system i will only get for the most 6 months too… This judge is wrong and we all know this.

In a 2 months period, how is it right for a rapist to be out and under the same roof with his 12 yr old daughter? The same child he molested. Screw a relationship with his two sons, this man s a criminal.

At this point aside from the Judge being outright wrong, the real question everyone has been ignoring is “Is this mother worthy to raise her children.” Parents are supposed to be a child’s protector. Do you think this little girl will view mommy as a protector or even feel protected by the very parent who is trying to bring back the very person who hurt her. 

Please go sign the petition to get this judge out of power.. he is unworthy of  public service position.

And to all parents, your children must come first. Certain actions should make you very aware of the type of role model you and your spouse currently play versus what you would like to play. Just because you are blood related does not mean you have the right to play the role you believe you deserve. Actions speak louder than words.

https://www.change.org/p/impeach-judge-john-mckeon?recruiter=437644338&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=share_twitter_responsive …