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What’s good peeps?

I’m Maxx…. I’m a 20 something year old musician with no desire to live an “ordinary Life”. To be honest,  i’m freaking fabulous. I pee glitters, shit cupcakes and fart rainbows…such a prized possession XD who wouldn’t love me.

On 4/20 I am officially dropping my first mixtape/album. I have been doing music for  2 years now but never have I invested in myself… I guess I am just cheap or maybe broke but who knows :’) .

My project is called UFO…. it stands for United Forever Odyssey…For those of you that are too busy/lazy to actually check out my music you shoulddd… you can find me on souncloud “OD Odyssey”.

I have no clue what to expect from this project….all I know is it consists of an array of different beats, different vibes and it’s unlike any other person’s sound…to me it’s trippy but I guess that’s a good thing because Odyssey does means journey…

I use to live in Atlanta but I moved to Jacksonville, FL in 2017…crazy I know Atlanta is the place to be especially as I am doing music but to me Atlanta was just part of my journey. Being there taught me a lot about the music industry. It thought me the in’s and out of networking, project presentation and most importantly who the hell I was.

These days artists try to copy so much from other artist style’s that being different has become redundant in a way. Everyone songs like: The Migos or even Young Thug. Being in Atlanta allowed me to develop a different style and I think I am still tapping into who I am and who I will eventually become.

Below is a link of one of the sounds that will be on my project hope you enjoy it…You can follow me on IG/SC/twitter at ONMAXX….. OD Odyssey is the movement.




Opening an LLC

People are stingy and jealous…I am to but when it comes to knowledge not so much.

I like to see people win. I met a friend in the past who I was going into business with and when I asked him to allow me to see and learn the process of creating an LLC he refused stating that this is what he paid thousands of dollars for at school pursuing the music industry…. needless to say we no longer do business together.

Today I want to start to get into the process of why you should create an LLC if you are funding your own music career.

Did you know that within the first three years of opening an LLC the government does not expect you to make profit and you will get back almost all the money YOU put into your business.

So your business is music what exactly can you claim tax on?


Studio time




Hotel fees

Basically anything you spend money on, if you keep your receipt you can file for it. Crazy rightt…who knew that all the money you spent could come right back to you…

Be on the lookout tomorrow I will start to get in the step by step process on how to start your LLC.

Copyright Basics 

You do not need to register your work with any copyright office to get rights, nor do you need to mail yourself a copy or submit songs into (ASCAP/BMI).All you have to do is write down or record an original work and the copyright is yours.

So why bother registering your work?

The answer is simple if you do not register your work your rights with respect to your work is limited.

Good News you have up to 5 years from date of production to claim ownership.

BUTTT if the work is registered after you try to claim a lawsuit you get ZITTTT, zero, nada! Those are just the US copyright laws…

Copyright provides protection for the original work of authorship, fixed in a tangible medium of expression.

Fixed in a tangible medium of expression means the material has been stored in a form which could be perceived either directly or with the aid of a device.

 Mere ideas cannot be fixed in a tangible form of expression and therefore does not have copyright protection.

 The owner of the copyrighted material has exclusive rights to control:

  1. Reproduction
  2. Distribution
  3. Performances
  4. Display of the work
  5. Performance derivatives

Copyright protection attaches as soon as the work is fixed in a tangible medium.

Whether or not the copyright is registered, the author should begin using the copyright symbol immediately. This is simply to inform others that he/she intends to exercise control over

  1. Production
  2. Distribution
  3. Display
  4. Performance of Work

Notice is not currently required for the copyright law but it does prevent a person from claiming a defense of innocent infringement.



List of Open Mics Atl (Where & When)


Hiii… Now that we know how to use open mics, the big question is when and where. Below I have provided a list of open mics musicians may be intersted in attending. The list provided is not limited to a specifc genre of music but for now i am just working with Hip-Hop. All open mics cost. If you are looking for free entry, just quit. In this industy money really talks.

Aside from the list provided, if you are on top of your social networking and you are connecting with managers, A&R’s, radio stations & hosts you will find out about many more open mics. Oppertunity is everywhere!

Apache Cafe

Royal Peacock

The Warehouse

Kat’s Cafe

Club Curcial

The Basebase



Open Mics in Atlanta, GA (Part 2)

You’ve signed up for an open mic and now you’re there. What’s next?
Learn how to work a room. Most people you see/meet at one open mic you will most likely see again at another.

Lose all shyness and learn to embody yourself. Appearance is a hell of a thing and in the music industry, people do judge a book by its cover so be sure to be on your best at all times.

If possible try to bring merchandise to advertise yourself. Be creative, people receive cd’s left, right and center so try something new for instance (matches stamped with your personalized logo). As you work your way around the room make sure to exchange info and be sure to leave a lasting impression.

At this point, I hope you attend open mics knowing it’s a place to get your stage performance down pack. A crowd will be as hype as the artist themselves; so come prepared to move. Please don’t stand in one spot on stage. Allow viewers to see and feel your energy. Connect with the judges and crowd, but most importantly never doubt yourself because everyone will be able to read you.

An open mic is the place to mess up and learn. Take constructive criticism if any is given and know that stage presence is as important as the song you choose to perform as well.

Open mics are also a good place for collecting performance footage. If you move with a crew, bring your crew out. The support makes the hype around your song seem much bigger than it already is because you can have people sing along. But if you are like many other artist out here trying to build a fan base then this is the perfect oppertunity to collect good b-roll footage to share with fans. Most open mics have a camera man, be sure to speak to him before your performance exchange info and ensure to request a video as well as pics of you performing. After all it is his job and you did pay to perform didn’t you…

To me attending an open mic gives you practice and experience for a real show. There may be times you attend a open mic and now one is there. It is still your job as an artist to perform and show out.

To be an artist is to be an entertainer… you better entertain your crowd even if it is one person.. People respect the hustle, people respect the grind.

Be on the lookout, I am going to start posting info concerning the business aspect of music. Like, Share and Subscribe.

Much Love (Maxx)

Open Mics in Atlanta GA (Part 1)

I spent the whole of 2016 in Atlanta, Ga (Black Hollywood). This gave me the oppertunity to network an learn a lot about the music industry. I was lucky because I got the oppertunity to learn not only about the business aspect of music but also the social apsect of putting myself out there.

Atlanta Ga, is an artistic hub for anyone who is talented. The city is booming with life and it’s an amazing place to meet like-minded talented people. There is always something to do, and if done right you’ll never have a dull moment.

Open mic sessions are endless, parties are everywhere, and the support recieved from those who repect the hustle are priceless. Don’t get me wrong it’s the place the be but it’s also easy to get caught up in a cycle if you aren’t careful enough.

I did a lot of open mics when i lived in ATL and I have to say they are all riged unless gospel rapping is the new trap. Advice to those who are tying to get exposure. Signing up for an open mic is one thing but it would be wise to ask the host for a breakdown of the scoring system in advance. This way you can ensure you choose the right song to perform. It is also important to be able to read your crowd. Never attend an open mic with only one song unless you are 100% sure that song is the hit and that’s the only song you are trying to get exposure for. Choose a song you believe will move the crowd and you can only do that after you read your crowd. Soooo come prepared with opinions and be versatile. Have your music ready on a CD, Flash drive and email. Each DJ is different and not everyone may accept the same format.

Be on the lookout, tomorrow i will post a blog  concerning details to pay attention to when attending an open mic

Much Love (Maxx)