Maktub (Poem)

You were my once upon a time

love story.

A memory of youth or should I say my time

of immaturity.

You were my first love,

the one who broke my heart,

the one who I’d have given it all for.

Those were the good old days, Late nights

Long talks, Souls entwined.

But if only I knew

What I know now,

Never would I have confused

Lust for love,

Riches for worth,

Time for value.

Never would I have cared, never

Would I have fallen

For you.

Go Getter


If only I could do nothing.
But then I
Would be nothing,
Worth nothing,
Mean nothing,
Have nothing.
I am something more
Like an everything,
So no…
I can’t do nothing,
Whilst hoping I’m everything in life.
Actions create reality,
Yet all you do is dream
Hoping for reality.

Faded Tears


Don’t cry over an ex,
Don’t cry for what could have been.
Don’t cry,
Don’t cry at all.
Don’t cry because it’s not your fault.
It not your fault
He didn’t value your worth.
It’s not your fault,
Never was your fault.
He was faulty from the start.
Just a hump along
Your road in life.
Cry with joy
You didn’t marry that no worth
Cry with joy you saved yourself much loss.

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A Real Woman


You are you.
You are not trying to
Be a good fit
For the men you’re with.
You are you,
Unique and unchangeable.
A shape bender, at least
You have endless possibilities to 🐝.
Unique you
All you
The real you.

Thought For The Day…


Self Control is definitely one life lesson everyone should learn to master. Body language and words work hand in hand to tarnish a good reputation. Hence why you should always take control of your actions…Are you driving your life?

No one else should.

You should: Trust yourself, trust your instincts, trust no one else for they are the support while you are the backbone to your own foundation. You always have been and always will be. Just Believe…

You died on me.


Lost in consciousness,
I held you.
I held you breathless in my arms Clinging tightly to your soulless body
As if it were gold.

But Boy Oh Boy,
I lost it when forensics had to put you in that bodybag.
Couldn’t they have done it
when I wasn’t around?
But then again I never left the scene.

The entire time,
I was sitting on the curb
Watching investigators build up the courage to come tell me there were
no suspects or motives linked to your murder even though there were people everywhere.

But By then,
I had already past my breaking point.
I was unknowingly dead to this world. Emotionally incompetent at the least
And as I grabbed my tummy
to comfort our unborn child for his loss
I cried.

Maybe in due timing
Happy memories would replace the bad.
But for now,
I grieve.
I grieve your lost,
Your touch,
Your lingering scent,
I grieve for you.