2017 Fall Fashionista Starting Guide

Hiiiiii…..Why do we follow trends?

If you see it & you like it, then you should wear it. Become a trend setter don’t be the follower. This season I dear you to Dress yourself.

Fashion has always evolved over time, it has never gone backwards so take from the past and make what you don’t have. Use colors you love, prints you love, material you love. become the trend.

Below are 2017 fall fashion suggestions….but who cares when your’re you…. browse it, if you love it wear it.

Fall Still Blossom

Fall is readily approaching but have no fear the florals are here. This fall, florals are in full effect so blossom all you want girls. Get caught in a eye catching piece whether it may: patchwork, painted, embroided or printed florals, they’re all beautiful.

Sock It Up

We all know about socks and sandals and tights and open toed shoes but its time to take it to the next level. This season, florals have been paired with knee high socks.

Check Mate

Call it plaid or check, it is everywhere this season. Skirts, pants, jackets….. fall in line and make your move by getting caught in this fashion trend.

Golden Girl

Yellow is a beautiful color but not everyone can pull it off. This fall, yellow gold evening wear is in.

5 Steps To Building An Instagram Empire

Forget about the past.
Instagram is now the world’s leading social media used by online retailers.

Whyyyyy soooo? It’s simple.

An instagram post gathers much more engagement than a facebook post and twice as much as a Twitter post.

Instagram is more than just about a great selfie, it is about a great return on an investment because it creates independent influencers/tastemakers that target a particular niche. Most importantly, these influencers/tastemakers establish a high level of trust and two-way communication with their followers.

Followers trust that the endorsed product directly reflects an influencer’s/tastemaker’s unique personal taste.

5 Steps To Building An Instagram Empire

1. Use lifestyle shots of products.

Smart marketers know that the best way to sell a product is to sell a lifestyle. By showing followers how a product could change their life, influencers/tastemakers are making the product for sale seem more relatable and in turn more useful.

2. Borrow followers from your peers.

The hardest part about instagram is getting the ball moving. How do you get your first 1000 followers? It’s rather simple. Start looking for similar accounts to your own, load their followers list and start engaging. “Like” and “comment” on their photos, It won’t be long before you get your first follow back and if you Keep repeating this process before long you would have built a desirable following.

3. Sell your dream

Sell your dream is all about creating that 360 business model that goes beyond the traditional buy and sell protocol. Being fashionable is an attitude and people want what they see. Be bold and that is what will make your profile stand-out. Inspire your audience.

4. Post Regularly.

The three metrics that determines if fans follow you back are

1. Post


3. Following

All these numbers are important but you can only control post in order to increase followers. Try posting around 4 photos a day at different peak times to see which one works best . Your followers are waiting for you.

5. Do key research on hashtags

It is just not enough to use a hot hashtag. Your goal is to use the most relevant and highest traffic hashtags.

According to research, you will get the highest amount of engagement if you use at least 11 hashtags.

Are you getting great results from instragram, I would love to hear.

Smell the Roses

Image result for smell the roses

Some People are so poor all they have is money.

One day you will wake up and all materialistic items won’t matter anymore then what?

Enjoy life’s riches today not tomorrow.


Gay, Bi, or Confused?

Image result for gay bi confused

When life serves you lemons make lemonade…But what if I don’t like lemonade MF….

Today I wanna chat about some crazy shit I heard a couple arguing over at dinner..

Soo let’s just say you were dating a nigga and you caught him messaging other niggas on some sexual shit would you let it slide?

To be real the major question is “Is he gay” ?

But like the liar he already is he denies having a spear account and after being confronted he says.. I only message them because I like when they say nice things about my penis

To be frank

Ain’t that some in the closet gay shit ? I am not being homophobic, I just think her guy is gay or bi or maybe confused..

Men I want your input what do you think about this?

Ladies go at it I want some honest opinions and also would you let it slide?

Tired being constrained and bound

Dear followers,

I am too modest so fuck it all. I hardly blog because I don’t like rules,  I want to appear perfect and organized but sharing my soul and pointless thoughts is apparently not the way to get followers so fuck it.

my blog is no longer for you all, it’s all about me, about my life. Do you wanna follow life onmaxx?

Join me on my musical journey. I’m what you call an artistic maverick with no filter. I love sex, music and drugs (something someone takes to induce insensibility).

I am blogging my thoughts can you keep a secret?





Opening an LLC

People are stingy and jealous…I am to but when it comes to knowledge not so much.

I like to see people win. I met a friend in the past who I was going into business with and when I asked him to allow me to see and learn the process of creating an LLC he refused stating that this is what he paid thousands of dollars for at school pursuing the music industry…. needless to say we no longer do business together.

Today I want to start to get into the process of why you should create an LLC if you are funding your own music career.

Did you know that within the first three years of opening an LLC the government does not expect you to make profit and you will get back almost all the money YOU put into your business.

So your business is music what exactly can you claim tax on?


Studio time




Hotel fees

Basically anything you spend money on, if you keep your receipt you can file for it. Crazy rightt…who knew that all the money you spent could come right back to you…

Be on the lookout tomorrow I will start to get in the step by step process on how to start your LLC.